Contact Information
DMD Environmental, Inc.

3424 West Laskey Road
Toledo, Ohio  43623-4032

(419) 473-1980 - Telephone
(419) 473-1985 - Fax
DMD Environmental, Inc. (DMD) is an environmental consulting company specializing in asbestos, laboratory, lead, industrial hygiene, mold, and radon services in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

DMD offers the following services:

● Asbestos Inspection                        ● Asbestos Air Monitoring
● Asbestos Project Management       ● Asbestos Project Design       ● Asbestos Training

● PCM Laboratory Analysis               ● PLM Laboratory Analysis

● Lead Inspection                              ● Radon Testing

● Industrial Hygiene                           ● Mold Inspection 

DMD maintains the following memberships:

● Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce
● Better Business Bureau (BBB)
● National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
Being a small but growing business, we feel we can be particularly responsive to, and understanding of, the needs of all clients regardless of the size of the project. In addition, DMD is an independent company, not affiliated with any contractors such as remediation or abatement firms. This eliminates any potential conflict of interest issues.
DMD has been in business since 1994. Our goal is to assemble a highly dedicated staff of qualified individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and motivation necessary to succeed in the environmental market.